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Parent Information

Parents are requested to:

1.     Not to send their child to school/college if the child has:

a.    Temperature

b.    Cough

c.    Flu

d.    Sore throat

e.    Diarrhoea

f.    Severe headache 

g.    Vomiting

h.    Body aches

i.    Loss of smell and taste

2.    Seek proper medical help if the above symptoms occur;

3.    Talk to the children about social distancing, so as to address their emotional and psychological stress;

4.    Explain proper hand washing techniques and maintenance of personal hygiene to the children;

5.    Explain importance of wearing mask, to children, for their own safety;

6.    Encourage children to sneeze or cough into a tissue paper/handkerchief/elbow fold;

7.    Caution children on prudent use/touching of shared surfaces, like door knobs, furniture, books (if shared), computers, game tools, etc.;

8.    Advise the children not to shake hands or hug each other;

9.    Ensure following before sending the child to school/college;

a.    There is no symptoms of COVID-19.

b.    Child’s bag has following:

(1)    Mask (extra, in addition to the one being worn) 

(2)    Hand sanitizer/soap

(3)    Disinfectant wipes

(4)    Water bottle

(5)    Snacks/lunch

(6)    Stationery items (using stationery items of other students may please be discouraged)

(7)    Relevant books (use of only own books be emphasized)

10.    Please stay at the gate of the institution till the child’s temperature is checked and permitted to enter;

11.    Please pick up your child at the time allotted by the institutions;

12.    Please encourage the child to wash hands/take bath properly at the time of arrival at home, before mixing up with the family;

13.    Ensure that only one person drops the child/picks up at the given time;

14.    Encourage children to wear disposable gloves, as well, if they travel on public transport.