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BBA (Hons) Classes have commenced in Defence Degree College for Women.

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Defence Degree College for Women (DDCW) takes pride in having a highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty. The DDCW faculty members have degrees from renowned universities . All of them are authorities in their respective subjects and are highly qualified. Their team work generates a conducive environment for teaching and learning.

The faculty puts in efforts to motivate the students, stimulating interest in their respective subjects through their effective methods of teaching to produce excellent results. They have been successful in cultivating thinking and analytical skills in the students. The graduates of DDC for Women are pursuing their careers very successfully and have earned a good name for the institution.

S.No Name Designation Qualification
1 Mrs. Shazma Nawazish Principal MA English
2 Mrs. Jabeen Alam
HOD Zoo/Bio/Botany
Resource Person M.Sc Zoology
3 Miss. Shahida Perveen Cataloguer MA Library & Info
4 Mrs. Naz Saba Younas
HOD Urdu
Lecturer MA Urdu
5 Miss. Rubina Ayub Lecturer M.Sc Zoology
6 Mrs. Shagufta Tahir Lecturer MA Edn & M.Ed
7 Mrs. Tehzeen Yousaf Lecturer M.Sc Physics
8 Miss Asma Maqbool
HOD Chem
Lecturer M.Sc Chemistry
9 Mrs. Raheela S Zafar Lecturer M.Sc Botony,
M.Phil (Env Science)
10 Mrs. Amber Perveen Lecturer MA Urdu
11 Mrs. Saima Nadeem Lecturer MA Urdu
12 Mrs. Saira Khurram Lecturer MA Fine Arts
13 Miss Faiza Kazi
HOD Humanites Group
Lecturer M.Sc Home Eco
14 Mrs Umme Rubab Lecturer MA Fine Arts
15 Mrs. Humaira Habiba
HOD Islamiyat
Lecturer MA Arabic, Isl, B.Ed
16 Mrs. Sarita Khan Lecturer MA Urdu & M.Phil
17 Miss Naheed Rao
HOD Maths
Lecturer M.Sc Maths, BEd
18 Mrs. Ayesha Barirah Ali Lecturer MA Pak Std, M.Phil
19 Mrs Sumaira Nazish Lecturer M.Sc Maths, BEd
20 Mrs. Farasat Tariq Lecturer MA Economics
21 Miss Bushra Nawaz Lecturer MA Pol Sc, M.Phil
22 Mrs. Shazia Arif Lecturer MA Phy Edu
23 Mrs. Shabana Alam Lecturer MA Urdu
24 Mrs. Sadia Khalid Lecturer M.Sc Chem, B.Ed
25 Mrs. Ammna Akhtar
HOD Physics
Lecturer M.Sc Physics, B.Ed
26 Mrs. Saima Mahmood Lecturer MA Isl Std, B.Ed
27 Miss. Aneela Javed Lecturer MA Education
28 Mrs. Faiza Rahim Dar
HOD Commerce
Lecturer M.Com
29 Mrs.Sarah Ahmed Lecturer M.Sc Physics
30 Mrs. Tayyiba Fatima Lecturer MSc Stat
31 Mrs. Ghazala Yasmin Lecturer MSc Zoology,
M.Phil Cell Biology
32 Miss. Sarwat Shehzadi Lecturer MA Pol Sc, ELT
33 Miss. Javaria Fayyaz Lecturer M.Sc Comp Sc. M.Phil
34 Mrs. Anjum Naz Lecturer MA English
35 Mrs. Sajida Laeeq
HOD English
Lecturer MA English, B.Ed
36 Mrs. Sadia Saif Lecturer MCS
37 Mrs. Atia Gul Bahar Lecturer MA English
38 Mrs. Salma Tahir Lecturer MA Islamiyat
39 Ms. Shumaila Mansoor Teacher MSc Applied Psychology
40 Miss. Ayesha Yusuf Lecturer MA Mass Comm
41 Mrs. Imrana Naz Lecturer MSc. Zoology, M.Phil Zology, B.Ed, M.Ed
42 Miss. Tehreem Ilyas Lecturer MBA (Marketing)
43 Mrs. Fizzah Nasir Lecturer MA Eng, M.Phil Eng
44 Mrs. Zarghona Waqar Lecturer MSc (Food & Nutrition)
45 Miss. Tehreem Yasin Lecturer BS (Hons) Psychology
46 Miss. Fatima Ashraf Lecturer MSc. Chem, M.Phil Chem
47 Miss. Khair-ul-Bariyah Lecturer MSc. Chem, M.Phil Chem
48 Miss. Mehwish Hina Lecturer MA English
49 Mrs. Arooj Suleman Lecturer MA English
50 Mrs. Irum Akhtar Lecturer M.Sc Physics