About DHA Cambridge Campus

DHA Cambridge Campus is a renowned campus of prestigious DHA Education System that offers Cambridge education including O levels and A levels. The School follows the Cambridge International Examination curriculum, which is widely recognised for its rigorous and globally accepted standards, providing students with a seamless educational journey from their early secondary years to advanced studies. In order to cultivate a system of mutual respect, understanding and support for one another, as a part of grooming the campus is co-ed. This appreciates our young scholars their own and others’ individual values as well.

The present-day students must have access to training in the vital 21st Century skills that will sustain them through future challenges (like critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration & social skills). To produce a truly creditable generation, these skills have to be complemented with enduring larger aims of good traditional public schooling, like producing leaders, with spirit of sacrifice, patriotism and teamwork. To achieve these aspirations and objectives, the campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, a highly conducive environment and an inspiring team of mentors.

Principal's Message

I am delighted to welcome you to DHA Cambridge Campus (DHACC), Lahore, a premier educational institution, located in the heart of city that provides a very beautiful, serene and safe environment. In a world that rewards perseverance, resilience, initiative, problem-solving and cooperation, DHA Cambridge Campus takes the challenge to build well-rounded, upright and refined personalities with the ability to contribute positively to our society.

The campus faculty consists of highly qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals. The education system of campus is based on modern teaching methodologies and student-oriented lessons. The purpose-built campus is well-equipped with spacious classrooms, science labs, smart board, playground, state-of-the-art library and dedicated administrative staff.

In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are all set to make as much efforts as possible for the betterment of academic scenario. At DHACC education means much more than the pursuit of top grades. Character building, instilling high moral values, development of wholesome personality and awareness of societal obligations are central to what we offer here. Our club activities help students develop sense of unity and teamwork that make them truly life-ready. We are optimistic that our students would keep on shining in various fields of life after passing out from DHACC…and “They will!”

With hopes of a better tomorrow, I pray that the following years would be wonderful years of teaching and learning for DHA Cambridge Campus.

Abdul Qadeer Awan


Candidates are selected on the basis of their previous level of education, i.e for O levels, students need to have completed their previous level of education, such as primary school and for A levels, students usually need to have completed their O level or equivalent qualifications. Also its prerequisite for the students to pass the entrance exam or assessment with atleast 50% marks. The selected candidates are required to have an interview with the Head of institution. A confidential report from the students’ previous school head is also required.

Documents Required for Admission

Copy of applicant's CNIC/ B.Form
Copy of Father/Guardian's CNIC
Registration fee deposit slip (Original)
2 x Latest passport size photographs for school record
2 (1x1) photographs for school card
Original SLC is required

Subjects Offered O’ Level



C-I & C-II

Phy / Eco
Chem / Acc
Bio / Comp / B.St


Phy / Eco
Chem / Acc
Bio / Comp / B.St

Subjects Offered A’ Level

Pre Medical


Pre Engineering


Business Group


Humanities Group

Computer Science
Computer Science
English language
English Literature
Computer Science
Media Studies

Features & Facilities

Model Classrooms

Textual learning is not enough now. Students need to visualise the concepts, understand the associated meanings and speed up the pace at which they can imbibe knowledge. Our spacious, bright and air-conditioned classrooms are furnished with high quality furniture, modern amenities and smart boards to create effective learning and teaching environment.

Bio/Chemistry Lab

Effective teaching and learning of science encompasses a perpetual state of show and tell. Students combine conventional classroom teaching with lab experiments and models to obtain first hand learning experience and retain knowledge for longer period of time. Well-designed Chemistry and Biology labs help students in developing competence with scientific practices such as experimental design; argumentation; formulation of scientific questions and use of chemical equipment.

Physics Lab

It is in the laboratory that Physics students learn to practise the activities of science asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore.

Computer Lab

Computer lab is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. This tech-rich space equitably accommodates more students, with more computing power. The computers have the necessary processing speeds. The software is in line with the latest ICT platforms to equip students with the essential future skills.

Language Lab

Language lab with the latest development software (CALL) is fully functional in the institution to guarantee a successful language learning experience. This software application enables teachers and students to interact with one another in the target language. It includes a database of courses & classes and participants, a library of multimedia lesson material& assignments, and associated student’s responses & teacher’s feedback.


Library is an important source of knowledge for young minds that develops the essential habit of reading among the students. Our well-stocked and continuously updated library plays a great role in the life of students by serving as the storehouse of knowledge. It provides an opportunity to the students to use their skills to research and remain abreast with latest information and developments.

Common Room

The well-furnished common room with access to audio-visual facilities and educational and recreational activities provides A’ Level students with a comfortable and congenial atmosphere to spend their spare time.

Sports & Physical Fitness

Outdoor sports and indoor games provide opportunities to all students to develop their concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. Our goals are to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle throughout the school body, nurture sportsmanship in all aspects of competition, widen each student’s sporting experience and enjoyment and create a passion for active recreation and sport.

Clubs & Societies

In addition to academics, co-curricular activities also play a pivotal role in cultivating well rounded personalities in any good educational system. A large number of multifarious clubs have been developed so that the students may channelize their energies by engaging themselves in positive pursuit of leisure while utilizing their gifted talents. Through these clubs, the students are provided maximum opportunities and guidance to nurture their interests and skills in their favourite pastime. These clubs function in a highly organized manner under professional trainers. All available manpower and resources are being invested to develop these clubs into excellent facilities in order to enhance our students’ faculties.

A student is required to select ONE of the following clubs according to his interest and aptitude to improve his skill in that specific field:


Table Tennis
Unarmed Combat
Health & Fitness
Fine Arts
Arts & Crafts
Chess & Scrabble
Science & Robotics
Performing Arts


Social Media
Academic Studies
Social Events
Personality Development

High Achievers

Success is not for those who run fast but for those who keep running and always on the move. Ambitious and goal focusing students of DHA Cambridge Campus accomplished their vision into reality by showing electric performance in 2022 exams.

Momin Jahangir
M. Hamza
Afraz Haider
6A* 2A
Ahsan Amir
6A* 2A
Ibrahim Bin Ahmad
6A* 2A
Mustafa Waseem
6A* 2A
M. Ashar
5A* 3A
M. Mukarum
4A* 4A
M. Waqar
4A* 4A
M. Abdullah
3A* 5A


For details, please visit the campus and discuss with the students’ Advisor.

A' Level Faculty

Nadeem Sarwar Malik
Shoaib Asghar
Economics and Accounting
Omer Zaman Khattak
Furqan Mushtaq
Ayesha Razzak
Munir Ahmad Khan
Nauman Malik
Salik Aziz Vaince
Hamid Fayyaz
Yasmin Anjum
Mujtaba Mehdi
Business Studies


Name Designation Qualification
 M. Nadeem Sarwar Teacher MSc Physics,  MA Political Science, BEd
 Shoaib Asghar Teacher M.Sc. Mgmt Sci. MBA Finance
Yasmeen Anjum Teacher M.A (Urdu)
Ayesha Razzaq Teacher M.Sc. (Psychology)
Umer Zaman Khattak Teacher M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Fazli-e-Malik Teacher M.Sc. (Computer Science)
Mujtaba Mehdi Teacher ACCA
Furqan Mushtaq Teacher Phd (Media Studies)
Hamid Fayyaz Teacher B.Sc (Biology)
Salik Aziz Vaince Teacher LLB
Hassan Zafar Teacher MPhil – Mathematics
Qalb-e-Hira Hamayyun Teacher M.Sc. (Human Development & Family Studies)
Rabab Fatima Teacher BS – English Literature
 Ghulam Mustafa Gohar Teacher MSc Mathematics
Nabila Latif Teacher MSc Geography, MEd
Rashid Fazal Din Teacher M.Sc. Mathematics
Qudsia Siddique Teacher MSc Chemistry, BEd, MEd
Nazakat BanoVaseer Teacher MA Urdu, BEd, MEd
 Adnan Khan Teacher BS (Hons), Biochemistry, BEd
 M Sohaib Khan Durrani Teacher MBA Finance
Shabana Saeed Teacher M.A (Urdu)
Maryam Zehra Teacher M.Phil (Eng)
Rabia Gull Teacher M.Phil (Hist)
Nadia Anees Teacher MA Islamiat
Fatima Yakta Moshin Teacher BS (Eng Lit)
Muhammad Faisal Javed Lecturer M.Phil, MBE(Finance & Accounts), MCom, MEd
Majid Hussain Lecturer MSc (Computer Science), BEd
Arslan Shakeel Lecturer BS (Hons) Physics
Maqsood Ahmad Librarian BA Library Science

Contact Us

305-R, Phase II, DHA, Lahore

Ph: 042-35740334, 37176075

Email  : alevel.info@localhost