About DHA Senior School For Girls

DHA Senior School for Girls is a well reputed institution of DHA Education System Lahore. It provides students with conducive learning environment and quality education. School is immensely stretched on an area of 42 kanals.

DHA Senior School for Girls was established in April 1993, initially from classes Prep to class V in S–Block. In April 1994, the School was upgraded to class IX. Science and Arts subjects were offered to the students. In April 1995, the Matric stream was introduced, while O’ Level classes commenced in August 2000. The campus shifted to present building in Phase V, in August 2014.

Principal's Message

A school imparts knowledge to children, develops their skills, instils in them sound values, and nurtures their curiosity for lifelong learning. It sets the context for their future learning, and prepares them to be self-motivated and self-directed learners. It also shapes their physical and mental health, and provides them with the environment for holistic development and well-being.

Our vision and everything that we do at DHA SENIOR SCHOOL for GIRLS is guided by these educational precepts and practices, inspiring us to provide children with opportunities to grow to their full potential. We believe and have experienced all these years that, to achieve this, a happy learning experience is a necessary. Hence every day we, endeavour to make teaching and learning enjoyable and purposeful. We empower our children with experiential learning, and a creative and innovative spirit.

Our dedicated and caring educators teach our children not just with their minds but also with their hearts, making learning enjoyable, purposeful and inclusive, and shaping them to be emotionally intelligent. They inspire our children to believe in themselves and think big, with a growth mindset. We share knowledge, skills & competencies in ways that encourage

educational achievement, interpersonal growth & lifelong academic curiosity.

We offer a professional faculty, purpose-built campus and resourceful classrooms for our A’Level Girls Exclusive Campus with subjects encompassing a sound and diverse range: Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Commerce, and Humanity.

We invite you to explore DHA EDUCATION SYSTEM as we rededicate ourselves every day, to provide an excellent education for our children. One that they will cherish for a lifetime, one that will make them good human beings.

Ms. Mahwish Ammar

Admission Procedure

1. Date for admission is usually announced in January every year
2. Parents have preliminary interview with Principal regarding admission of their daughters
3. The registration of their wards is ratified. They fill admission form
4. Date for test is given
5. Test is conducted on scheduled date
6. Results are announced in the same week
7. Syllabus/Book List and Fee Challan Form are issued, along with the admission number
8. Students submit a copy of the paid fee challan to the office

Admission Test

Test is held in school on every Tuesday & Wednesday during the admission period, from 9:00 am onwards. Results are announced within a week after the Admission Test. Applicants for Classes VI-VIII and above are required to appear in a written test in the subjects of English, Urdu, Mathematics, and Science.

1. To qualify for admission, overall pass percentage is 50% while for classes IX, X, and O’ Level minimum 65% is compulsory
2. It is mandatory for all candidates to pass in English
3. Time allocation for each paper is 30 minutes
4. An applicant should come properly prepared with the required stationery

General Rules

1. A candidate caught cheating during the admission test will not be eligible for admission
2. Admission tests / interview will be conducted as per the given schedule by the school
3. The decision of the school regarding admission cannot be challenged in any way and will be final

Age Group

The class for which a child will be tested is determined by the child’s age as on 31st March for the concerned academic session. The chart below will help determining the class of the child/student

1. Class VI

10.5 – 11.5 Years

2. Class VII

11.5 – 12.5 Years

3. Class VIII

12.5 – 13.5 Years

4. Class IX/CI

13.5 – 14.5 Years

5. Class X/CII

14.5 – 15.5 Years

6. Class 11/CIII

15.5 – 16.5 Years

7. A’ Level

16.5 – 17.5 Years


Name Designation Qualification
Ms. Mahwish Ammar Principal MPhil Educational Leadership & Management, MA English Language Teaching, BEd
Ms. Ayesha Gillani SM MSc  Botany
Ms. Mehwish Javed SM MPhil Mathematics, BEd
Ms. Marukh Maqbool Teacher MPhil Physics
Ms. Ansa Khalid Teacher MPhil Physics
Ms. Shabila Fayyaz Teacher MPhil Chemistry
Ms. Gull E Rukhsar Teacher MPhil Chemistry
Ms. Romana Aziz Teacher MPhil HRM, MBA Finance , PGD (ELT)
Ms. Ujala Zaheer Teacher MPhil Mathematics, BEd
Ms. Mehwish Butt Teacher MPhil Mathematics, BEd
Ms. Maiza Rauf Teacher  MPhil Mathematics
Ms. Aqsa Batool Teacher  MPhil Mathematics
Ms. Sara Asif Teacher  MPhil ELT, BEd
Ms. Saira Ali Teacher MPhil English Literature, BEd
Ms. Maha Tariq  Teacher MPhil Home Economics
Ms. Sarosh Khawaja Teacher MPhil Food Safety & Qualities
Ms. Rukhsana Yasin Teacher MPhil Urdu, BEd
Ms. Asiya Noor Teacher MPhil Urdu, BEd
Ms. Sajida Naseer Teacher MSc  Chemistry, BEd
Ms. Nadia Shabano Teacher MSc  Chemistry, BEd
Ms. Asma Tariq Teacher MSc Chemistry
Ms. Kiran Javaid Teacher MSc Chemistry
Ms. Sadia Naz Teacher MSc  Physics, BEd
Ms. Hafiza Ayesha Siddiqa Teacher MSc Physics
Ms. Aqsa Faiz Teacher MSc Biotechnology  
Ms. Tabassum Noor Teacher MSc  Botany
Ms. Nusrat Abid Teacher MSc Zoology
Ms. Shaima Laghari Teacher BS (Hons) Biotechnology 
Ms. Saadia Naseer Teacher  MSc Mathematics, BEd, MEd
Ms. Mamoona Shahzadi Teacher MSc Mathematics, BEd, MEd
Ms. Sidra Rafique Teacher MSc  Mathematics
Ms. Shawana Riaz Teacher MSc Mathematics
Ms. Qurat Ul Ain Javed Agha Teacher MSc Accounting & Finance
Ms. Ayesha Siddique Teacher MSc Geography, BEd, MEd
Ms. Uzma Usman Teacher MA English, BEd, TEFL Diploma 
Ms. Shazia Suleman Teacher MA English Literature, BEd
Ms. Rubina Naz Teacher MA English Literature, BEd
Ms. Samia Batool Teacher MA English Literature
Ms. Sumbal Jamshed Teacher MA English Literature
Ms. Maryam  Naveed Teacher MA English Literature
Ms. Saima Humaira Ahsan Teacher  MA English Literature, MA Political  Science, MEd, BEd
Ms. Asma Syed Teacher MCS
Ms. Mahera Fatima Teacher MCS Telecom
Ms. Kishwar Rizwan Teacher MSc Computer Science
Ms. Shazia Ahmed Teacher BS (Hons) Computer Science
Ms. Aafia Nausheen Teacher MA Pakistan Studies 
Ms. Sumbul Nauman Teacher MA Pakistan Studies
Ms. Nusrat Aslam Teacher MA Pakistan Studies, LLB, BEd
Ms. Nadia Nazir Teacher MA History, BEd, Diploma in Windows Application
Ms. Asma Zahid Teacher MA History, MA Urdu, BEd
Ms. Sadaf Batool Teacher MA History, BEd
Ms. Faneez Bint Asif Teacher MA History
Ms. Alia Mannan Mirza Teacher MA Urdu Literature
Ms.Rehana Aftab Teacher MA Urdu, MEd
Ms. Rashida Raza Teacher MA Urdu, MEd
Ms. Tahira Irfan Teacher MA Urdu, Diploma IT 
Ms. Saeeda Afridi Teacher MA Urdu
Ms. Humaira Qureshi Teacher MA Urdu
Ms. Tahira Anjum Teacher MA Islamiyat, BEd
Ms. Munazza Waris Teacher MA Islamic Studies
Ms. Zeb Un Nisa Teacher MA Islamic Studies
Ms. Ambrin Zia Teacher MA Islamiyat, MA Education, Diploma ELT
Ms. Shehnaz Kausar Teacher MA  Arabic & Islamiyat
Ms. Sabrina Naz Art Teacher MFA Graphics
Ms. Madiha Habib Teacher BSc (Hons) Botany
Ms. Hiba Zakir Teacher MPhil Business Administration
Ms. Maria Asghar Janjua Teacher MPhil Mathematics
Ms. Shazia Naheed Teacher MA History, BEd, MEd
Ms. Uzma Iqbal Teacher MA Arabic
Ms. Ayesha Afzal Teacher BA (Hons) English Literature & Linguistic
Ms. Saleha Akhtar Teacher BA (Hons) Islamic Studies, PGD IT, Fazila Qaria
Ms. Syeda Samra Rehan Teacher BA

Co-Curricular Activities

House Activities: SSG has been segregated into following houses:
i. Unity House
ii. Faith House
iii. Discipline House
iv. Service House
Different Inter- House competitions take place in the Activity / Tutorial periods.
Inter School English / Urdu Debate & Declamation Contests:

Declamation contests / debates are a regular feature of the inter-house activities of the school. However, English / Urdu debates and declamation contest at inter–school level are also held once a year; students participate eagerly from many other renowned schools of Lahore.


A Mahfil-e-Milad is held annually in SSG during the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal, in commemoration of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday. The students and teachers celebrate this event with great religious zeal and zest.

Science Exhibition

The senior students hold Science Exhibition annually. They make different projects according to their class level and display them for the parents and the guests.

Sports Facilities

The school provides ample sports facilities to its students. Annual Sports Day is held regularly every year with numerous colourful events. Besides this, the students also participate in different sports activities organized by other institutions outside DHA.

Art & Craft Exhibitions

Art & Craft occupies a special place in our curriculum. The learners, under the supervision of the art teacher, prepare different art projects through innovative techniques. Their artwork is displayed for the parents and guests at the Annual Art and Craft Exhibition.

Annual Variety Show

Colourful functions are annually arranged and the students present different items including dramas, skits, etc. before parents and guests. This function is always held at a very grand scale. Each year a classic English play is staged by the Dramatic Club of the School. By performing on the stage, the students get an opportunity to become confident and explore their hidden potentials. This annual play has always been greatly appreciated by all the parents.

Clubs & Societies

In addition to academics, co-curricular activities play a pivotal role in cultivating well-rounded personalities in any good educational system. A large number of multifarious clubs have been developed so that the students may channelize their energies by engaging themselves in positive pursuit of leisure while utilizing their gifted talents. Through these clubs, the students are provided maximum opportunities and guidance to nurture their interests and skills in their favourite pastimes. These clubs’ function in a highly organized manner under professional trainers. All available manpower and resources are being invested to develop these clubs into excellent facilities in order to enhance our students’ faculties.

A student is required to select at least ONE of the following clubs according to her interest and aptitude to improve her skill in that specific field:

Basketball Club
Badminton & Table Tennis
Health and Fitness Club
Photography Club
Football Club
Fine Arts, Aesthetics and Calligraphy
Music Club
Performing Arts/Drama Club
Unarmed Combat
Art & Crafts Club
Culinary Arts
Science Club
Chess & Scrabble Club

Campus Life

Contact Us

DHA Senior School For Girls, 483/I-G, Phase-V DHA Lahore

Ph: (042) 37176203