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Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Lahore is the name known across the board for its efficiency, trust and reliability. It has embarked upon a gigantic programme of bringing about revolution in the development of vast area in the environment of DHA. Besides construction of network of roads, hospitals and shopping plazas, DHA is providing modern amenities of life in the vicinity. This includes provision of quality education facilities with state of the art features to its residents.

The school came into being as a Primary School in April 1993. The next year, in 1994 it was raised to Matric Level. Our move forward continued and in Sep 1995, the School was raised to The Higher Secondary Level (Intermediate) to accommodate college classes, as well.

In the early 1999, another milestone was achieved by introducing O’ Level classes in the school. The school got registered with Cambridge University, UK for the same purpose. In the year 2002, the first batch of O’ Level students of this school appeared in the examination held in May / June 2002. The school showed excellent performance and out of 10 appeared one of the students attained 7 A’s. The School has been producing excellent results in the Matric examination since its inception.

Principal's Message

Getting children into school is one thing, educating them is quite another. The former may be easier but the latter task is quite daunting nowadays. These are sensitive times and maintaining a balance between quality education and character building is no easy feat. We, at DHA Senior School for Boys put in our best to do exactly that. We believe that the role of a school is not only to enable academic excellence, but character building, instilling high moral values, development of wholesome personality and awareness of societal obligations are central to what we offer here.

It is a learning community that seeks success for each student as we strive to deepen our core values of unshakeable faith, belief in hard work, achievements through honest and fair means and facing challenges boldly.

We are committed to identifying unfinished learning and leveraging ingenuity, innovation, and resources to create equitable and equal opportunities for our students.  Additionally, we will continue to endeavor to help every child actualize his potential.

I would like the parents to know that my door is always open to discuss any concerns, questions, or ideas you may have regarding your child’s education. I welcome you all to an outstanding learning community where everyone is dedicated to a high standard of excellence.

Principal Sajid Mukhtar



Major intake of our school comes in class 6 from our Junior Schools, however, a few vacant seats are filled through proper admission procedure.

Admissions are offered in February. Students are offered admissions depending upon availability of seats provided that they clear the admission test, which comprises of English, Urdu, Maths and Science for classes VI – VIII. Each test is of 30 min duration and contains 25 marks. A student needs to get minimum 50% marks in each subject to qualify for admission.

It is advised that students must prepare main topics from their previous class.

All admissions are granted on the basis of merit determined by test and interview according to following priorities: –

Priority     I      :           Children of Members, Defence Housing Authority.

Priority     II     :           Children of Associate Members, Defence Housing Authority.

Priority     III    :           Non-Member Residents of Defence Housing Authority.

Priority     IV    :           Children of Non Residents Defence Housing Authority. (OTHERS)

I suggest – No need to give syllabus outline and books on website.


Age group of students for each class is as under: –

    1. Class VI   10 ½ years plus


    1. Class VII 11 ½ years plus


    1. Class VIII 12 ½ years plus


    1. Class IX C-1 13 ½ years plus


  1. Class X & C-2 / C-3 14 ½ years plus

Uniformity of age group in a class is ensured at the time of admission. Candidate’s apparent age should conform to his declared / recorded age. Relaxation may be granted up to 6 months in exceptional cases.

Modalities / Syllabus Admission Test (2022-23)

Total Marks for each paper would be 25.

Time duration for each paper would be 30 minutes.

Papers of Science & Maths would comprise of MCQs & short questions and their complexity level would be determined keeping in view the previous class syllabus.

Instructions for Entrance Test – Class C-1 / IX

For admission in class IX and C-1, a candidate is tested in four subjects (English, Urdu, Maths, and Science). After the registration of the child, the examination branch gives a test date for new admission. Each of the four tests is of 60 minutes duration and is conducted on the same day. Following are the areas, topics and syllabus from which a child is to be tested:-

Classes Offered

(To meet the academic requirement, the school has a well trained and experienced faculty of 56 members. The school has the honour to be among the pioneers to start computer science as a regular subject in class IX –X.

In class IX, students can opt either Computer Science or Biology for Lahore Board& Federal Board Exams.

Subjects Offered in O’ Level

Subjects offered in O’ Level are:

*          English
*          Urdu
*          Math
*          Pakistan Studies
*          Islamiyat
*          Physics / Economics
*          Chemistry / Accounting
*          Computer Science / Biology / Business Studies (one to be opted)

Subjects Offered in Matric:

  • Science Group only

Subject offered in O’ Level

  • Math, Physics, Chemistry, Bio, Accounting, Business St, Computer, English, Urdu, Islamiat

Contact Us

Defence Degree College For Women, 487-FF, Phase-IV DHA Lahore

Ph: (042) 35733401